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And boy was there a learning curve involved in getting it ready. I've taken a lot of comfort in the thought that the next time has to be easier. I'm not sure what the next downloadable freebie will be, but I'm determined to offer another one before I forget all the how-to I just learned.

The more I try my hand at these small acts of self-publishing, the more respect I have for everybody who publishes things, whether independently or with presses large and small. And I get more determined to release most of my work through traditional channels, at least for the foreseeable future. I write because I love to write, not because I love to wrestle with web design and ISBN registration.

I had so much fun writing The Enemy in Snowmelt Season. Even the jacket copy for the ebook was fun to write. Check this out:

Stisele of Imlen has a mission to complete, but a snowmelt flood throws her into the company of an enemy soldier and traps them both atop an ancient ruin. Who will be whose prisoner? Whose side will find them first – her weathercalling kin, or the unstable prophets who command his Augury? That’s assuming she and her meddlesome ghost companions can keep her alive through the night. In this short story, the heroine of The Imlen Brat returns, now a young woman struggling to make a place for herself in a dangerous world that isn’t ready for her.

Here's how to get it:
Go to my website, sarahavery.com.
Click on the Subscribe button to join my (very low-traffic) mailing list.
Enter your email address.
Behold! You're now on the Subscriber Freebies page.
Click on the ebook format you prefer. They're all DRM-free.

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